In Southern California we don’t have snow days, we have ‘holy shit no school because everything you know is on fire’ days

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This is the latest OJ Clothing Photo Stream that Jennaly organized for the PROVE CAPSULE PT. 2 release we have coming up. With the help of @chrsbaun (instagram username) and a couple of models Jennaly came up with a great theme of what we wanted to capture for this latest photo shoot. Three new items will be showcased in this Stream:

The Black Habits Tee, which is mainly a new color, way we have of the original Bad Habits Tee.

The Black on Black Prove Athletic ¾ Raglan, I know what a mouthful right? In other words, we wanted to capture a sleek Athletic style of design to best fit the Raglan so with the help of our Graphic Designer @Neighty7 we came up with a great baseball logo scheme, which is the design we have currently.  The Japanese writing above the whole design translates to “BAD KIDS BAD HABITS” we felt we should keep that theme in our Prove Capsule.

Prove Athletic Tee, We just thought this design was mad dope so we just decided to throw it on a t-shirt for you guys.


———-Release Date will be 4.28.14 @ 5PM PST. Don’t forget to mark your calendars or you might miss the most anticipated release OJ Clothing has ever had.


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accidentally stuttering while saying your snarky comeback


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